• Forest Park has closed the basement-level tunnel between the theater building and E Tower, eliminating a shortcut for students, faculty and staff. […]

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    Former St. Louis Community College adjunct professor Steve Taylor has filed a lawsuit against a Florissant Valley campus police officer and the STLCC board vice president. The lawsuit claims that officer Robert Caples committed battery when he tackled and handcuffed Taylor at an STLCC board meeting on Oct. 19. Taylor was attending as a representative of a committee negotiating a union contract for adjuncts. […]

  • St. Louis attorney Kimberly Turner was one of five social activists who showed up for a panel discussion at Forest Park last month to encourage students to get involved. […]

  • Forest Park will celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month in March with a performance of “New World,” a one-act play about three refugee women from Afghanistan, Bosnia and the Republic of the Congo. [...]